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Welcome to MAULANA EXPORTS INC.  (Mfrs & Exporters of Rawhide & Natural Snacks for Dogs)
Maulana export is a part of ams Global export in South India. Which is specially based on Dog & pet foods. Established is 2000, the company is engaged in the Manufacture and export of premium quality raw hide and natural snacks for dogs since 2000. The company has been exporting to countries like Germany, Norway,Spain,Franes,Denmark.etc.
The company also exports a premium quality of Marble stone & Animal Bio-products. Such as Salted Omasum, Dried trechea, Tendons, Buffalow Horn, natural casings, Dried casings Raw and finished leather of Buffalow, Bull, Goat & Sheep and Mutton Tallow.

Maulana exports has a range of dogs chews specially developed to relax your dog as well as to satisfy it's chewings insticks.

Maulana export products soflen upon chewing, clean, the animals teeth control tartar and improve it's breeth. Manufacture from carefully selected 100% natural raw hide materils, the treats are easily digestible and have high protein content.

Souraced localy the raw materias used bought from the Governament authorised salaughter house. Analysis and stringent quality standards are followed during production. Ensuring that our products are hygeienics, rich in protein, and free from microbial in festation like salmonella free & E coli.

The Best sellers in pet shops and super market shelves.

Maulana exports products make up a modern range in line with world wide trends of healthier and Natural products.
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